ATQITS provides a wide range of IT support services customized according to the unique needs of the customer. Our technical support officers monitor and maintain the computer system and network. They may install and configure computer system, diagnose hardware and software faults and solve the technical and applications problem, over the phone. Technical support officer role may span one or more area of expertise. We provide you a service which is selected individually or combined creating a completely unique yet standardized approach to IT management. Our service are all time available-

  • Software support services.
  • IT maintenance, managed IT support and IT support solution.
  • Simplified support for multivendor environments, with comprehensive, integrated services.
  • Access to robust analytics-based recommendations to help optimize your IT systems availability.
  • IT maintenance for server, storage and network devices leverages onsite and remote support to help you cut your costs and boost performance.

Post Sales Technical Support Services

Single source technical support provided by ATQITS is at your continuous service to provide you with enhanced support for multi vendor hardware and software solution. We guarantee the peak performance and optimization of your deployed system for improving performance and simplifying operations.

Technical Support for IT Management

Software and Hardware technical support and maintenance is very hard to keep your systems running. Discover the ‘What we offer’ section to see how we can be available 24x7 to support your needs for 99.99% uptime system availability.

Technical Support Process at ATQITS

At ATQITS, we maintain the structured flow of processes to achieve desirable results from our operations. Technical Support services need to be performed according to the most accepted sequence of steps which is mentioned below.


Define Specifications

The foremost step for any process is to identify the problem situation and rectify the exact requirements after conducting the detailed analysis of nature and working of the concerned organization.

Implement & Integrate

The detailed planning and analysis of the problem situation is succeeded by its implementation at the customer’s site of operations. The system evolved is integrated with the existing set up taking care of compatibility and ease of use.

Test & Activate

After the implementation of the system, the next step is to activate and test the implemented system. Our staff performs quick activation of your system and tests it for all the possible situations of malfunction.

Ongoing Care

Our commitment of continuous care do not ends with the implementation and activation of your system. The moment you hire us it has become our responsibility to facilitate the complete and precise care of your system.

Expertise Offered By ATQITS

From our past adventures, ATQITS has gained the comprehensive experience of technical support, maintenance and warranty services designed to protect and maintain your complete IT environment during warranty and post warranty periods. Whether you want to upgrade or downgrade your service for in-warranty machines or extend your post-warranty technical support coverage, we always offer experienced technicians, comprehensive parts network, and flexible service level options designed to meet your specific business needs. More Maintenance and Technical Support options are described below:


ATQITS has evolved as a single destination for all your IT support requirements. Our highly professional support is available for workstations, printers, PCs, servers, high end to midrange devices, mobile and networking software and hardware. We are capable to offer hardware and software maintenance and support services for a variety of manufacturing organizations including Cisco, Sun, HCL , Microsoft ,Apple , HP/Compaq, EMC, Dell, and others. With our highly simplified set of services and methodologies we have evolved as a trustworthy support service provider for your organization.