Atqits is a full service online marketing and Search engine optimization (SEO) services company offering results –determined performances and exceptional customer support. Our web marketing services include Social Media, Link Building, Local Search, PPC, Content creation and Web Design.

When people want to find something, they use Google. It’s the mission of our SEO team to make sure when someone searches for your product or service, it’s you they find.

Social media marketing- engages with the customer directly and personally in the relaxed environment of facebook, twitter, linkedln and other.

Using google adword, we assign the keywords to your ads that will reach your target audience and get you conversations. Because pay per click, will give the bets result, no matter the budget.

“Looking for a reliable web designing company ATQITS is the trusted accredited to accomplish the customer web design requirements.”

“With the new devices of varying screen resolutions cropping up regularly, it is essential to have the web design that adapts itself to multiple screen sizes, when you have a site with a responsive web design.”


The smooth and profitable functioning of business is hard to achieve in the globalized economy. The continuous reviewing of business operations is crucial to analyze the weak points of present process and develop a more improved business strategy. At ATQITS, we present you the opportunity to achieve maximum productivity with lesser utilization of resources for a better survival in the modern economy.